PCB development

This week we sat down and did some work on the board. Had a tough time deciding if we should use 4 or 2 layers, but due to costs we are probably going to use a 2 layer board and hope that will be fine.

We redid the processor-memory layout after finding a orientation that enabled us to trace the connection without to much trouble, and moved one of the switches to the far end of the board.

Here is the bottom layer
and the top layer

Before we order up the board we will probably probably make space for an breakout board for an Ethernet connection. At the moment we are concidering the following part:

So; We should be able to order the board during next week :)


PCB current status

Here is a picture showing the current status of the PCB. It is kind of messy, but as long as everything is connected we should be fine :)

Anyways, still got some work to do on it and as Steve said, there are plenty of room for additional components....